I love when you’re sunbathing but there’s no wind so you start get super hot and uncomfortable but then you get this heaven sent wind that’s like yoooooooooo

Anonymous asked: My fiancés ex has been consistently tweeting about him like there is still some hope that they will get back together. Now, it doesn't really bother me because she's crazy as hell but the fact that we have a lot of mutual friends and they read everything she writes makes me look bad because I'm not doing/saying anything to make her stop. I don't know what to do. My fiancé says don't let it bother me but I can't help it. It bothers me. What should I do?

Seriously, she’s making herself look stupid by even still talking about something that isn’t even her business anymore. You just smile and look pretty because she’s the one looking like a fool. If it carries on to the point where you literally can’t stand it anymore, he should be the one to talk to her.

gis1deep asked: Good morning you beautiful queen! Hope you slept well, have a great day you deserve it !

Awww thank you. I am doing! 🌝

Anonymous asked: Thank you so much, but at the same time I feel as if he's talking about me to other people.

Let him talk. Live your life and erase him from yours. He’s not important enough to be in it.

Anonymous asked: I'm trying to get someone out of my mind, this boy I used to talk to he disrespected me and then said sorry a couple times and how he didnt mean to say what he did & I forgave him. Then he goes on twitter and started tweeting recklessly "bitch this and bitch that." And I keep tweet watching him to see if he said anything about me, but I wanna stop. So what do I do? (how can I get this boy our of my mind, and stop tweet watching him? And forget him completely.

Just don’t look. It seems easier than it is but you shouldn’t stand for his immaturity and you shouldn’t let that ruin your days. Be strong.

Anonymous asked: For somone so well-rounded and beautiful you're super down-to-earth/relatable. Thank you!!!😽

Love you!

Anonymous asked: Hey so I saw everyone else reach out to you for this type of things and my boyfriend doesn't appreciate me the way he should and it's so annoying because there are so many other guys who want me and are willing to give me everything while he just doesn't care and I know if I leave he will care then. But then if we end I don't want him back I will move on for good, so I'm trying to hold on to something when he's not trying at all he doesn't see that I'm serious if he fucks up this time it's done

As a person there’s only so much you can do, like, if your guy is acting like he doesn’t care, then it’s not your fault. It’s his. If you’re loyal you’ll stick around the bad times as well as the good ones, but don’t stick around too many bad times to the point where you don’t even know yourself anymore. That’s not healthy. If you love him you’ll hold on to him and keep trying but you have to have that line you know? If they cross it, leave. Be happy with someone else. It’s what you deserve. Simple.

Anonymous asked: About the ugly guy ask. How does that make sense tho? If the dude is ugly why would he think he'd get pussy from being around a dude that's better looking??

I guess because the guy can’t get better looking girls, just trash when he’s by himself. BUT if there’s a good looking guy, he knows that he can bring the grade A girls so he sticks to the good looking guy because he will end up just having trash for the rest of his life. Smart hey? 😂

Anonymous asked: You seem really intelligent, Nicole.

Thank you, anon.